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Green Earns Title, Leads 12 Huskers Competing at UWW Junior and Senior Nationals

Former Nebraska wrestler James Green took home the 70 kg senior freestyle crown on Saturday night as a total of 12 past and present Huskers took the mat at UWW Junior and Senior Nationals this weekend. The events were held at Xtrema Arena in Coralville, Iowa from Friday, April 30 to Sunday, May 2. 
Six Huskers in total competed at Senior Nationals, with Alex Thomsen (60 kg) wrestling Greco-Roman on Friday and Tyler Berger (70 kg), Landon Brown (125 kg), TJ Dudley (92 kg) and Christian Lance (125 kg) joining Green in the freestyle division.
On his quest for the title, Green defeated his first three opponents by superiority, wrestling less than six minutes combined in his first three matches on the day. He went on to win his semifinal bout against Brayton Lee (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC) by 4-2 decision and ultimately won the title with a 7-2 win over Alec Pantaleo (TMWC/CKWC).
Green’s second career Senior National title earns him a spot at the 2021 U.S. World Team Trials in September. Also earning qualifications to the World Team Trials with top five finishes in their respective weight classes were Berger (third), Dudley (third), Lance (fifth) and Thomsen (third). 
At UWW Junior Freestyle Nationals, Dominick Serrano (61 kg) led the contingent of six Huskers competing with a third-place finish. After falling in the semifinals of the championship bracket, he defeated his next two opponents by decision to secure the third-place result on Sunday.

The remaining field of NU grapplers at Junior Nationals included Jeremiah Reno (57 kg), Kevon Davenport (70 kg), Nic Stoltenberg (70 kg), Elise Brown Ton (74 kg) and Nathan Haas (86 kg). 


UWW Junior and Senior Nationals | April 30-May 2 | Xtrema Arena | Coralville, Iowa

Senior Greco-Roman

Alex Thomsen – 60 kg

Quarterfinals: Alex Thomsen (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) VSU Kevon Powell (Louisiana), 9-0 2:16

Semifinals: Dylan Koontz (TMWC/ Ohio Regional Training Center) VSU Alex Thomsen IA (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 8-0 4:20

Cons. Semifinals: Alex Thomsen (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) VSU1 Thomas Hicks

(Tennessee), 10-2 1:17

Third-Place Match: Alex Thomsen (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) VSU King Sandoval (Bandits Wrestling Club), 8-0 1:06


Senior Freestyle

Tyler Berger – 70 kg

Rd. of 32: Tyler Berger (NWTC) VPO1 Michael Blockhus (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC), 10-7

Rd. of 16: Tyler Berger (NWTC) VSU Justin Kopet (Minnesota) 0:37

Quarterfinals: Tyler Berger (NWTC) VPO1 Yahya Thomas (TMWC/Wildcat Wrestling Club), 7-3

Semifinals: Alec Pantaleo (TMWC/CKWC) VPO1 Tyler Berger (NWTC), 6-2

Cons. Semifinals: Tyler Berger (NWTC) VPO1 Elroy Perkin (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC), 7-3

Third-Place Match: Brayton Lee (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC) VIN Tyler Berger (NWTC)


James Green – 70 kg

Round of 32: James Green (TMWC/SERTC) VSU Austin Braun (Minnesota), 10-0 1:23

Rd. of 16: James Green (TMWC/SERTC) VSU Cameron Harrell (Georgia), 11-0 2:02

Quarterfinals: James Green (TMWC/SERTC) VSU1 Elroy Perkin (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC), 12-2 2:32

Semifinals: James Green (TMWC/SERTC) VPO1 Brayton Lee (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC)

Finals: James Green (TMWC/SERTC) VPO1 Alec Pantaleo (TMWC/CKWC), 


TJ Dudley – 92 kg 

Rd. of 16: TJ Dudley (NWTC) VPO1 Rodsean Graham (Illinois), 9-4

Quarterfinals: TJ Dudley (NWTC) VPO1 Willie Miklus (Michigan Wrestling Club), 10-3

Semifinals: Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU1 TJ Dudley (NWTC), 11-1 3:56

Cons. Semifinals: TJ Dudley (NWTC) VPO1 Cameron Caffey (Michigan Wrestling Club), 12-6

Third-Place Match: TJ Dudley (NWTC) VPO1 Scottie Boykin (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC), 8-2


Landon Brown – 125 kg

Rd. of 32: Demertius Thomas (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) VSU Landon Brown (NWTC), 10-0 3:43

Cons. 16 #1: Landon Brown (NWTC) VSU Mitchell Gruber (Columbus Wrestling Club), 10-0 0:20

Cons. 16 #2: Duncan Lee (Iowa) VPO1 Landon Brown (NWTC), 4-4


Christian Lance – 125 kg

Rd. of 32: Christian Lance (NWTC) VPO Owen Trephan (TMWC/Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 7-0

Rd. of 16: Christian Lance (NWTC) VSU Duncan Lee (Iowa), 10-0 2:38

Quarterfinals: Christian Lance (NWTC) VPO1 Lucas Davison (TMWC/Wildcat Wrestling Club), 6-2

Semifinals: Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC/Wolfpack Wrestling Club) VPO Christian Lance (NWTC), 9-0

Cons. Semifinals: Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Christian Lance (NWTC), 2-1

Fifth-Place Match: Christian Lance (NWTC) VPO1 Matt Stencel (Central Michigan Wrestling Club), 3-1


Junior Freestyle

Jeremiah Reno – 57 kg

Rd. of 64: BYE

Rd. of 32: Jeremiah Reno (NWTC) VSU1 Jonathan Gurule (505 Wrestling Club), 13-2 3:43

Rd. of 16: Tristan Lujan (Michigan Wrestling Club) VSU Jeremiah Reno (NWTC), 10-0 2:09

Cons. 16 #2: Jett Strickenberger (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) VSU Jeremiah Reno (NWTC), 11-0 1:09


Dominick Serrano – 61 kg

Rd. of 64: BYE

Rd. of 32: Dominick Serrano (NWTC) VSU Kenny Herrmann (Pennsylvania), 11-0 5:55

Rd. of 16: Dominick Serrano (NWTC) VFA Nick Masters (Princeton Wrestling Club), 1:09

Quarterfinals: Dominick Serrano (NWTC) VSU Trey Crawford (Tiger Style Wrestling Club), 12-0 1:26

Semifinals: Jesse Mendez (Region Wrestling Academy) VSU1 Dominick Serrano (NWTC), 12-2 4:39

Cons. Semifinals: Dominick Serrano (NWTC) VPO1 Cleveland Belton (Sunkist Kids), 8-2

Third-Place Match: Dominick Serrano (NWTC) VPO1 Cullan Schriever (Hawkeye Wrestling Club), 12-8


Kevon Davenport – 70 kg

Rd. of 128: BYE

Rd. of 64: Kevon Davenport (NWTC) VPO1 Brett McIntosh (Wyoming Wrestling Reg. Training Center), 3-2 

Rd. of 32: John Wiley (Oklahoma Regional Training Center) VSU1 Kevon Davenport (NWTC), 16-5 4:46

Cons. of 32 #2: Kevon Davenport (NWTC) VFA Daniel Segura (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club), 5:17

Cons. of 16 #1: Luke Nichter (Pennsylvania RTC) VIN Kevon Davenport (NWTC)


Nic Stoltenberg – 70 kg

Rd. of 128: BYE

Rd. of 64: Nic Stoltenberg (NWTC) VPO1 Desmond Diggs (Gladiator Wrestling Club), 5-1 

Rd. of 32: Bryce Andonian (Southeast Regional Training Center, Inc) VSU1 Nic Stoltenberg (NWTC), 13-2 0:45

Cons. of 32 #2: Graham Gambrall (Big Game Wrestling Club) VSU1 Nic Stoltenberg (NWTC), 15-5 5:28


Elise Brown Ton – 74 kg

Rd. of 64: Elise Brown Ton (Sunkist) VSU Easton Graff (Kentucky), 10-0 0:26

Rd. of 32: Alex Facundo (Team Donahue) VPO1 Elise Brown Ton (Sunkist), 8-1

Cons. of 32 #2: Aydin Rix McElhinney (Betterman Elite Wrestling) VSU1 Elise Brown Ton (Sunkist), 30-17 5:57


Nathan Haas – 86 kg

Rd. of 64: Nathan Haas (NWTC) VSU1 Connor Strong (Pennsylvania RTC), 14-4 4:51

Rd. of 32: Duwayne Villalpando (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VSU Nathan Haas (NWTC), 10-0 2:12

Cons. of 32 #2: Nathan Haas (NWTC) VSU1 Roman Bushek (Champion W.C.), 15-4 3:31

Cons. of 16 #1: Spencer Mooberry (Caveman Wrestling) VFA Nathan Haas (NWTC), 3:36


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